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[Custom Minigame] Atomic Porksplosion

Using the idea originating from Gnarler, my concepts and planning and Yazan's code we've come up with Atomic Porksplosion. Me and Yazan are testing this regularly so if you would like to, ask us! I've uploaded a really crappy preview below because I was on my mac... so have fun watching this:   It's fairly easy to understand the concept solely by watching.

Forum Recount, Rebuild and Cleanup

I will be preforming these tasks so some statistics may fluctuate (usually will drop) such as posts, rep, topics, PMs, members, etc. etc. This will also help with some changes that have failed to take immediate effect (such as name changes, profile pictures, rank changes, title changes, etc.) Will bump this thread every time I do it.

Official GalaxyGaming's Motto

Hey all,  Well we need a motto and we have had a few good ones but we think you guys should have a say so post below your mottos and the best one will get used for galaxy gaming. The rules are that it can't be anything dirty and we would like something short and sweet also has to be related to us you have 7 days then the thread will be locked with a poll then you have an extra 7 days to vote.   

Official Staff Tree

Click Image to EnlargeContact me if updates are needed.

Website changes!

Hello all, We are going to move around a lot of our web related services. we will try to keep it as clean as possible.If you encounter a bug today/tomorrow please take a look in this thread if it has been already listed, else post it with the folowing details:linkhow did you get to that error?screenshots?more description if needed.I have no eta of when we are done with the move, ill post updated here from time to time! - worldmc