Why Chose GalaxyGaming?

GalaxyGaming is a new Minecraft server that will truly blow you away! Here we offer you unique and original game choices and minigames that have never been done! Thousands of servers are realeased with big expectations. And many people think there server has what it takes to become the next big thing of minecraft mulitplayer, Here at GalaxyGaming we don't think we can become the next big server, we know we can. Many servers fail due to funding and commitment. Here at galaxygaming we have put months into building one of the best minecraft servers the univserse of minecraft has ever seen.

What Is GalaxyGaming?

GalaxyGaming is a new upcoming Minecraft server that we feel will help people see what really is possible in minecraft. We have top notch plugin developers and staff members that will bring a new aspect of minecraft multiplayer to life. You will never get bored with the Minigames, Factions, and everything in between. GalaxyGaming truly will blow away the competition and build a great minecraft community! Join us in our mission to create the ultimate minecraft server